Barebarics Bronx Mustard
Barebarics Bronx Mustard
Barebarics Bronx Mustard
Barebarics Bronx Mustard
Barebarics Bronx Mustard
Barebarics Bronx Mustard
Barebarics Bronx Mustard
Barebarics Bronx Mustard
Barebarics Bronx Mustard
Barebarics Bronx Mustard


Barebarics Bronx Mustard

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Minimalism and style? Introducing Barebarics Bronx barefoot shoes. Minimalistic design, a sophisticated combination of leather and textile guarantees ultimate comfort with every step. Elastic tongue makes putting on/off so easy. Let your feet shine in a stylish design with reflective and colourful details ensuring your safety.


Barefoot properties

  • Anatomic shape – The sneaker respects the shape of the feet. It creates roomy space for toes during movement, it prevents toes from being pressed or developing calluses
  • Material flexibility – The flexible sole enables necessary movement. The feet are not restricted and strengthen naturally
  • Zero-drop – The heel and front of the shoe are levelled. Thanks to this, the body posture and overall correction of the centre of gravity are improved
  • Adaptive sole – 4 mm thick (without protrusions) stimulates nerve endings. It strengthens balance, and awareness of the terrain and it protects the feet
  • Lightweight – The Barberics sneakers are lightweight and with no arch, which prevents leg fatigue and supports the correct walking stereotype


More info

  • Walking footwear
  • Modern city design
  • Designed and hand-crafted in the EU, made from local and sustainable materials
  • Great durability and long-lasting colours
  • Dermodry Coolmax® technology for continuous moisture drainage
  • Available in sizes 36-47 (according to European measurements)


Sizing varies between brands. Where possible please use the foot length measurement to estimate your correct size. For the most accurate sizing, refer the the chart on the product page. There are also some generic brand size charts here.
If you need advice on sizing please contact us at


Barebarics sneakers are produced using processes that minimize the impact on the environment.

The upper consists of polyamide, elastane and nubuck leather with a hydrophobic treatment that repels water very well. Use waterproofing spray regularly to maintain properties.
The lining of the shoe is made from Dermodry Coolmax® technical fabric, which enables constant moisture drainage. This type of lining speeds up the process of moisture-drainage and sweat absorption, thanks to which the skin of the foot remains dry. Dermodry Coolmax® is a soft, light and breathable material typically used in luxurious footwear models and undergoes the most demanding tests of technical quality performed in independent laboratories.
The sole is made from soft synthetic rubber with high wear-and-tear resistance. The ComfortGrip sole is designed to provide unparalleled comfort during movement while exploring new places, not only in the city jungle.
The removable insole comprises PU recycled material and microfiber, which provides excellent breathability and keeps your feet dry.


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