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Saguaro Luck White


Pyopp Fledge Tapak V1.5 Black

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Earth Runners Sandals Khaki (Circadian Performance)


Origo Shoes The Huarache Sandal by Anya Cinnamon


Pyopp Fledge Pada - Black on White


Pyopp Fledge Pada - White on Gum


What is a barefoot shoe?

A barefoot shoe is designed with the natural shape and function of a foot in mind. The key elements that define a barefoot shoe are FLAT, THIN, FLEXIBLE and WIDE. They’ll protect your feet from the elements and the terrain but they’ll feel as much like walking barefoot as possible. 'Regular' shoes can cause many issues with our feet and body. It's time to make the change. We’ve gathered together some of the best barefoot shoes and brought them to Australia so you no longer have to sacrifice comfort or style.

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